General Course - Music & film



Course period

August 25 2015 - May 20 2016

Course length & Study rate
1 year. Possibility to extend to several years.
Full time. Possibility to study part time, at least 50%.

Application due date
Preferably May 13 2015. Students may be admitted after the beginning of course provided that there are places left.


Karin Danielsson, course coordinator
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0280 – 143 15

Peder Holmqvist
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The course applies to those who:

  • are interested in music and film production
  • want to play instruments and sing together with others
  • want to learn more about various music genres
  • want to leart more about film production
  • want to combine theory and practice
  • want to study at elementary or upper secondary level
  • want to study general subjects and qualify for further studies
  • are unemployed and want to study while looking for a job
  • studied a long time ago and wants to freshen up their knowledge in general subjects.

ansok knapp mfs

When you click on the button "Ansök här" (apply here), you will end up on a external page for application, in swedish. If you need help with your application, please contact the course coordinator.

Course description

At General Course you can combine theory and practice in one of our three profiles: handicraft, music & film or cross-country skiing & running. Two days a week you practice your profile and the remaining time you study theoretical subjects. You can also choose not to have a profile, but only study theoretical subjects. The course qualifies you for further studies. After folk college studies you apply to university in a specific quota.

General subjects
At General Course you can study Swedish, English, civics, sciences, religion, history, computer, and mathematics. The level of each subject is based on your prior knowledge. You can study all or just a few subjects.


We work widely and are inspired by different musical styles. Together we create an enjoyable existence where we create room for musical experiments. Ensemble forms a major part of the course. Repertoire, arrangements, performance, music theory and to try out different instruments are also included. We plan and implement various projects, such as music cafes and concerts.


Film projects are mainly linked to the music we play. From concept, script and planning to implementation and post-processing. Through the film, we create stories based on various themes and messages. The focus is on the creative process and not on the technology. We film with a handy camera and editing in Adobe Premiere.