Financing and fees

Education at Folk College is free, which means that the school provides facilities, teachers and some device.

Material fee
Some courses may involve additional costs, 500-2000 SEK, for material and teaching appliance. At Mountain and Wildlife, the cost is higher (see prospectus for the course).

Expenditure fee
Students also pay an expenditure fee. (For students living at the dormitory the fee is 400 SEK/term, and for external students 600 SEK/term). This fee includes costs for field days, copying and printing, consumer goods and insurance. For external students, this fee also covers coffee during school days and dinner on the last day of term.

Registration fee
After being admitted, a registration fee of 200 SEK is paid when you accept. This fee is then repaid after day 15 of the course by being reduced from your expenditure fee. Registration fees will not be repaid if you do not use your place.

Find a price list for the dormitory here

Financing your studies
If you study at least 50% of an equivalent full-time course you can apply for study grants. Find more information about study grants on

The school provides all students with casualty insurance. Students staying at the dormitory need valid home insurance. Private property is not covered. If you use private property in school activities, you do it at own risk. Contact the school reception if you want more information about insurance terms.