Support in learning

Here at Malung Folk College we are keen on creating a good learning environment with consideration of the student's personal circumstances and needs. The major support for learning is provided by the school staff. With their personal commitment and expertise they ensure that the learning environment works for you and gives you the best possible conditions for your development.

Each student is supported by a mentor. At the general course, each student is assigned to a personal mentor. At the special courses, the course coordinator provides mentorship to all students. Mentoring meetings and personal development plans are a part of the studies. The design may vary from course to course. Our dormitory mentors support those living in the dormitory from a social pedagogical perspective.

Study counseling
Students receive study guidance and counseling mainly from pedagogues and course coordinators. The school has a study counselor who provides support and guidance both to groups and through individual counseling.

Social pedagogic/counseling support
Social pedagogical support is given by the school¥s pedagogues mainly through your mentor or course coordinator. The school also provides a professional counselor to a certain degree and in cooperation with public health care.

Landstinget Dalarna¥s folk colleges have a common policy for supportive efforts for disabled students. Our facilities are not yet fully handicap accessible, but we always adjust our activities so that the facilities are not an obstacle. Malung Folk College cooperates with the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM, and receive grants for adjusting activities and support to students with disabilities. National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools Students requiring special support can have it through teaching aid, teacher resources, support persons, counseling and strengthened mentorship.